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Chairman's Speech

When we talk about Al-Olaya Real Estate, we review a long history of challenge, achievement, determination and sincerity. Our achievement was not the only thing that distinguishes our company's career, there is our credibility, speed and our commitment to the latest international specifications in planning, design and implementation, as well as our strategic alliances with major international and local companies to deserve excellent rating, according to Riyadh Chamber of Commerce.

Our company's career is full of giving, and we aim to find a different ground for the work of real estate companies, which is based on the latest studies and designs that cover the needs and requirements of Saudi society. Moreover, we try to raise the quality of land plans and the commercial and residential complexes according to international standards and innovative investment plans to keep pace with the renaissance urbanization in our country. We developed many real estate projects, such as: the establishment of a neighborhood in the center of Otaiga district, a neighborhood in the center of Jaradiya, a neighborhood in the center of Al-Mather district, neighborhood of Shubra in Al-Swedi district, Al-Olaya project, the project of Al-Mursalat district, the project of Al-Maseef district, the entire neighborhood of Al-Izdihar, and the entire neighborhood of Al-Nouzha. We draw our projects plans with our thoughts and hard work to contribute to the development of the real estate sector in Saudi Arabia.


And Because we leave nothing to chance, we have chosen to continue this journey with our experience and legacy that integrates originality and modernity by adopting the latest technologies, to finally offer our clients the outcome of more than 70-years experience in the best projects with highest specifications.

We are trying to be a purely Saudi company model that studies, thinks and plans to do what it deserves to be. We are led by the vision of 2030, the strategy that is established by king Salman bin Abdul Aziz, and supervised by His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who does his best to establish this vision in front of our eyes. To  develop a great country, named Saudi Arabia.

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