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Digitization ... a competitive advantage for Al-Olaya Compound

Olaya Real Estate Holding Company announced new technical solutions to it, that would enhance the real estate movement in the Kingdom, and the Chairman of the Company stated that they are working on digitizing real estate services, as a competitive advantage for them in the real estate market.

The company explained that the project came in accordance with its new policy, which seeks to improve the efficiency of work and operation, in its real estate plans, with interest in simplifying the procedures related to the services provided to the beneficiaries, by digitizing its services from “maintenance, cleaning, and events” to residents and visitors through its application (APP OC).

Al-Olaya intends to put up its residential plan (Olaya Compound), for sale in the capital, Riyadh, soon, with a total area of 23,760 square meters, and includes (128) residential units, including several facilities, including a children's play area, a ladies' lounge, and an outdoor swimming pool. , Meeting rooms and a business center, under the management of a professionally trained administrative team.

It is worth noting that the (Olaya Compound) scheme is strategically located, near a major road network, a number of government and private establishments, and large markets, which makes it a promising residential center.

Al-Olaya, a leading real estate development company, revealed that its "Olaya Tower" project in Jeddah is part of the company's new investment strategy in providing an entrepreneurial business environment that supports the entrepreneurial movement in the Kingdom.

The company explained that the total area of the recently launched project is 2,930 square meters, and indicated that it comes in the context of strategic planning and keeping pace with Vision 2030, and the company's transformation from a real estate company to a holding company, to be a future push forward for the development and integration of all real estate, medical, entertainment and educational investment activities. Under one umbrella managed by "Olaya Holding Company".

The company is currently devising successful real estate investment solutions and opportunities that have an added value for customers and society, which will be announced later. The company is also active in supporting urban development research and studies to contribute to the development of the real estate market.

It is noteworthy that the company, which started its business since 1934 AD, is working at a firm pace in urban and urban development in various regions and major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in establishing projects that have formed a basic pillar of the national economy, as well as working to help entrepreneurs who have creative ideas to establish their projects. To become business partners and owners of projects that add value to society, while following a sustainable investment approach with an insightful vision of being the best profitable Saudi investment company by 2030.

Throughout its journey, the Olaya Investment Portfolio embraces various smart and sustainable projects that emanate from its leadership in social responsibility with the support of cadres and its partners, by facilitating their work, providing the market and bringing them to the highest quality standards in order to achieve the best profits for its investors.

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