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Al Olaya: We aspire to be a leader in the real estate market by 2030

Olaya Real Estate Company announced today, Thursday, the Olaya Market and Walkway project, north of Jeddah, based on the company's new investment strategy. The company stated in a statement that the project includes an integrated real estate project, for an open entertainment commercial market that reflects the latest features of modern markets, by adding engineering touches to its components to enhance marketing tourism in accordance with the 2030 vision.


The company is currently working on innovating successful real estate investment solutions and opportunities that are thoughtful, carrying added value to customers and society, which will be announced later according to the statement. The company is also active in supporting urban development research and studies to contribute to the development of the real estate market.
It is noteworthy that the company, which started its business since 1934 AD, is working firmly in urban and urban development in various regions and major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in establishing projects that have formed a basic pillar of the national economy, as well as working to help entrepreneurs who have creative ideas, to establish Their projects, to become business partners and project owners that add value to society while following a sustainable investment approach with an insightful vision to be the best profitable Saudi investment company by 2030.
Through its path, the Olaya Investment Portfolio embraces various smart and sustainable projects that stems from its leadership in social responsibility, with the support of cadres and its partners, by facilitating their work, providing the market and reaching them to the highest quality standards in order to achieve the best profits for its investors.

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